The MGN Foundation Provides Insight on Mentorship

Many successful people on the planet will acknowledge that they would never have come so far if they didn’t have the support and guidance of mentors to facilitate their progress. Our team members at The MGN Foundation benefit greatly from our individualized mentorship program, as well as the mentor/mentee relationships they share outside the office. 

As you identify potential mentors, we suggest that you build relationships with several. In our experience at The MGN Foundation, there are a few different mentor styles that provide great value.

The Coach: The coach listens to your problems and helps you identify solutions, and encourages you throughout the process. They help you set goals and visualize strategies.

The Connector: The connector may be difficult to find, but don’t stop looking. They are energetic and motivated to help people meet one another, and have a giant network of contacts for doing so. 

The Cheerleader: The cheerleader is the person you can call with wonderful news and be met with boundless enthusiasm. In such a competitive world, it’s essential to know you have someone who genuinely cares.

The Challenger: The challenger isn’t particularly pleasant, because they are the person who will tell you things you don’t want (but need) to hear. By challenging your ideas, this individual will push you out of your comfort zone and in a better direction.

At The MGN Foundation, we hope you aspire to connect with people who fit these mentor styles and build a successful career as a result.